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Welcome to Scales of the Soul, founded by Kelly Capoccia. I'm thrilled to have you here and excited to walk with you on your journey to align with your highest potential. Thank you for showing up for yourself and taking this major step into the life you have always desired!  Scales of the Soul was coined with that name because we are faced with decisions daily, the weighing of scales. It is within those momentary decisions where radical shifts begin to take shape!  

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My Story

My spiritual journey began at a very young age as many of ours do. From the mind and eyes of a young girl, seeing auras, astral projecting over her parents bed and having very vivid premonitions didn't seem abnormal because I didn't know any different.  As time passed I began to realize what I was experiencing wasn't exactly an every day occurrence for the greater population.  I started to quiet those aspects and eventually muted them to avoid alienation.  That door was relatively closed for the greater part of my adolescence until my late teens when suddenly that connection began to whisper back into my existence. 


After some challenging life shifts, those esoteric guidances became very prominent yearning for me to reconnect. My spiritual journey sparked a wildfire within me to dig even deeper into the 'hidden realms'.  It began with reading Tarot and Oracle which continues to be one of my favorite forms of divination. This journey eventually led me to the Foundation of Shamanic Studies, with whom I studied and am certified under. Shamanism is one of the most ancient healing modalities, working under altered states of consciousness to connect with compassionate helping spirits to promoting healing and balance. I have worked as a Shamanic practitioner and Tarot reader for the past several years while juggling a full time job in the entertainment industry. As the industry has suffered some major shifts and down time I decided to expand my arsenal and learn all of the inner workings of clinical hypnotherapy.  I attended the first accredited Hypnotherapy college, HMI, and have truly aligned with my purpose.  The conjunction of working with the subconscious through hypnotherapy, and connecting with Shamanic realms is a dynamic recipe to usher in the most powerful, clear, and unstoppable version of yourself.


 Are you ready to harness your highest potential? 


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