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Spiritual Services

+++ Connect to the Divine +++

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Struggling with challenging blockages in your life?  Seeking help to obtain your desires and highest potential?

Hypnotherapy is the missing link to access and harness the full capacity of your mind.  Together we will integrating your conscious goals, wishes and dreams with the vast capability of the untapped subconscious.  Our subconscious is the absolute powerhouse of obtaining all that we desire in our waking life.  Perhaps its the shifting of habits, creating healthier lifestyle choices, more financial abundance/stability, attracting a romantic partner, dynamic sports performance, quitting smoking, releasing trauma or even past life regression hypnotherapy can help facilitate the radical change your want to see in your life!

An initial intake meeting is required to discuss what it is you would like to achieve, set up a plan and most importantly make sure we are on the same page and alignment in the transformation of your life.  Currently offering Zoom sessions only


Shamanic Healing Session

Shamanic Healing is one of the oldest healing modalities known to mankind. Intrinsically working with compassionate helping Spirits through altered states of consciousness to restore balance and harmony within a soul. When someone comes to me seeking healing, we first start with a consultation to best assess the most beneficial approach in session and and answer any questions. I will spend the few days leading up to your session tuning in to the energies while working alongside my spiritual helpers to develop an understanding of where blockages may be. Through an altered state of consciousness and working with sacred healing instruments, I am a conduit to receive messages, visions and ultimately share the highest form of healing available to you. Through this spirit guided work I am able to help restore, realign, open and balance the soul ultimately reconnecting to its purest and most powerful form. 

Shamanic connection transcends time and space, which allows healing work to even be preformed at a distance.  Although the experience can be extremely powerful while in person, through spirit, I have the ability to work just as strongly from respective places of dwelling.  In these modern times, distance work may be your answer to help realign and heal. Feel free to inquire further about distance work if you are seeking an answer to the betterment of self. 

First time clients must start with a phone consultation (included in first session fee) in order to properly asses what is necessary in our session.


Sessions offer a variety or spirit directed healing such as: soul retrieval, power animal connection, energetic alignment, sound healing, psycho pump, and in extreme cases exorcism. 

For more history of Shamanic Healing on session offerings please see  Cosmic Truth page.


Tarot and Oracle Readings

 One of my favorite forms of divination. The cards act as a medium for spirit to not only communicate, but also visually paint you a picture of the journey you are currently on or seeking to understand more deeply. They respond to the energetic flow of what needs to be heard, not always what you may ‘want’ to hear. A reading is not your fated destiny, but rather an energetic read of possibilities  to consider along your path. 

Readings help illuminate anything from romantic relationships, career, trauma healing, divine guidance, timeline predictions and mystic insight. 

Spreads include 3, 5, or 7 cards.

Cosmic Truth Readings: The free flow of spirit illustrating what is needed to be seen, includes a multitude of cards to be pulled. Minimum of 30 min reading payment required, recommended 1 hr. 

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