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+++ Reflect and Radiate +++

      "I have known Kelly as a Shamanic Practitioner, Healer and Lightworker for the past 5 years. To say that she has a gift in these realms is an understatement.  Even when you might not quite understand the process at times, she is there to guide you, put you at ease and I always receive healing afterwards. Her connection to her guides are so apparent especially when she goes into her work deeply. I have gone to her for healing during some of my most difficult times and every time, I sense that my path is realigned to where I'm supposed to be, and come out of it feeling protected, safe and guided. I regard her as the cosmic therapist everyone needs on speed dial."


      "I went to Kelly to find help with removing some feelings of being stuck and mired in my own internal intellectual and emotional loops that had moved from lingering doubts to a stubborn and burning block.  I wasn't quite sure what was going on inside of myself but I knew I have to find someone to help clear the energy or the fear or the simple weight of not being able to move in any direction.  I had experienced other readings, energy work before but I turned to Kelly as she just has a  powerful vibe as a human that's quite undeniable. I trusted her immediately. She had me write down, as best I could, what was blocking me, what was holding me back from the growth I wanted. Then I entered her lovely calming room/studio with my little list in hand. I laid down and relaxed into myself. She moved around me, she sang a bit, she played her drum and eventually placed her hands on my heart. I lifted up, I could feel the movement within and the energy she delivered that she released into me around me and through her was simply beyond. Her intimate grace and openness or one could say power is elegant, both light and dark and most importantly patient and immense. Her openness allowed me to feel the movement I was after. It helped me open up myself.  Simply put Kelly is a force, full of love, a power, a drive etc. She is genuine and to me a true deep soul. I can't recommend her highly enough." 


      "Have you ever vividly felt an exchange of energy? My first healing session with Kelly created vibrations of light and heat. Which then felt like I was emitting frequencies of warmth and fulfillment. The messages came pouring in. Kelly is very in her zone, in tune and genuinely puts a lot of attention to your every healing need. I highly recommend to anyone who is ready for a cosmic message and healing session."


      "Kelly has such an amazing gift. There have been times in my life where I needed help. Help with love, career or just feeling "heavy". No matter what the case, she has worked on me with such great intentions to heal. Every single time I have opened my eyes after the work is done, I feel centered and a million times better. Nothing has ever helped me the way Kelly's work does.  Her hands are so very powerful and her abilities are incredible. Every time I come back from the places she takes me, I feel like I can breathe again. I feel light and that I have a much better understanding of who I am and what I need to do. I have tried to find the words to describe to others what the experience is like, but truthfully there aren't any to give justice to what I experience. I am so lucky to have Kelly and her gifts in my universe. I cannot thank her enough for the special work she has done to help better my life." 



      "Kelly's Shamanic Healing work and readings are powerful, sacred journeys deep into your soul. The compassion and joy she brings to each healing session leave me feeling grounded and empowered. I highly recommend scheduling a session. It is the best gift you can give yourself."


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