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Into the Shadows

The darkness, the void, fear, pain, isolation... welcome to the shadow self. A place many of us keep at a distance safely locked away because we haven't quite understood the immensely powerful beauty it holds. I strongly support the tremendous transformative essence that is shadow work. So what is this mysterious, or perhaps intimidating space within our life's path? Let's hop into the void together...

"Light illumination does not exist without the darkness cascading the background."

Shadow work has shown me the most transparent parts of myself, held the key to my deepest healing, pushed my strength and forced my inner goddess to her fullest potential. Light illumination does not exist without the darkness cascading the background. The Shadow parts of ourselves are the parts of self we hide, repress, fear or have experienced great pain from. The more we hide away these 'unwanted' parts of self the more they become a character of our mind. Naturally we want to protect our most vulnerable aspects of self. However denying and not validating these aspects will eventually perpetuate in an uncontrolled conscious way. Resulting in painful and unintentional eruptions. When we finally decide to shake hands with these hidden away parts of self and accept this fate as a part of our story we relinquish the power these dark depths hold over us. It is within this space of deep introspection where we truly learn choice, we learn the most about our own reactive nature and we learn how to understand and accept all aspects of our journey. Does it at times feel paralyzing? Yes, absolutely. Does it at times start to become comfortable? Sure, being numb is easier then actually experiencing feeling. Does it feel so over bearing but you don't want to burden anyone else? Certainly, but I can undoubtedly assure you that you are not alone in these stories or feelings. IT IS OK TO NOT BE OK!

Great, now that we've walked the parallels of human experience and the hopeful realization that this is something we have all at some point in life experienced, some maybe much stronger and longer than others, but none the less we have all sat in the shadow space. You are not alone. Recognition, is the first step into understanding this pertinent experience of your spiritual growth. It took a long time for me to recognize how valuable these deep valleys of life really are. In fact, I used to play the victim mentality often... " Why is this happening to me?!" It wasn't until one of my mentors asked me "Well, what were the gifts in that experience" after I explained to her a very painful event in my life. That statement actually left me stunned and speechless.

The Gifts?

Well shit, I had never considered that perspective in otherwise considered tragic, dark, shadowlike experiences of life. But in my shock, I sat there in silence and realized how much that challenge actually granted me in my growth. I started to look to the positives, recognized my growth from within, the inner strength I was developing, the delicate compassion I began to have with myself. I started to realize I wasn't the victim, I wasn't the unworthy person I was starting to convince myself I was, I didn't have to continually inflict painful thoughts or actions to punish myself. That one moment completely slammed the breaks of my subconscious and flipped the switch of my conscious divine connection to the higher godly source of self.

Suddenly, I started to realize how important those months, even years of dark challenges were to my ultimate re-awakening of self. And there began the journey to heal and own that Shadow Self as an incredibly powerful part of my story. I would not be who I am today, not have made the connections I have made nor been standing here today creating this platform and relations with you all had I not learned the acceptance of these Shadow parts of self. So if you were led here today and want to start understanding the depths of your journey more deeply and compassionately, you've come to the right place. Lets find that key to opening the door to your highest truth and ultimate healing. Ask me about Shamanic Healing today, lets walk through the Shadows together. With love and acceptance, let the healing begin.

x Cosmic Truth x



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