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Welcome to Scales of the Soul

Learn about the the birth of Scales of the Soul, it's essences, its growth and the enlightenment I'd like to share with you all.

+++ Truth is the balance of heart and mind +++

Welcome to Scales of the Soul, a place where spiritual healing, mystical happenings, and astrological esoteric knowledge collide. Let me start with an introduction and back story. My name is Kelly, and Scales of the Soul is my gift to you.

“Let the Light lead you and the Shadow teach you.”

The Journey

From my earliest of days, I shared a deep connection to other worldly realms and that which is unseen. I have always had a fascination with hidden truths and the cosmos. As a child I wasn't aware that my experiences were any different to the young soul next to mine, it was simply just a part of my existence. It wasn't until I was older that I realized it wasn't a normal occurrence to be floating over your parents bed while fast asleep in the other room, or seeing the colorful auras of those around you, or perhaps speaking with what I perceived to be earth walking humans whom no one else could actually physically see.

I was never shunned away or scared of these experiences, but as I realized this wasn't a common happening for most, I began to shut it off and distance myself from those connections. Throughout life I have always shared an innate infatuation with all aspects of spirituality, the occult, magickal practices, the cosmos, healing modalities and so forth. That connection remained consistent. However my will to communicate about it was rather stunted in fear of judgment, or not having anyone to properly understand or share in these gifts with. It wasn't until my later years that my connection was realigned and the doors of mysticism blasted back open leading me to share my story and gifts with you. So welcome, pour yourself a cup of tea and know that your path led you here for a reason. Let the healing begin.

I developed Scales of the Soul as a way to help others on their path to understand more deeply of the spiritual realm, how to heal themselves, work with the shadow self, and how to connect to the divine cosmos. When I was in my early twenties, I went through what I perceive now as an initiation, but in that time felt like the deepest darkest well I would never have the strength to crawl out of. It was what some of us know as the beginning of my 'Dark Night of the Soul'. "Heartbroken, shattered, fragile soul, depressed, anxiety ridden, dim, and lost" were among some of the words those closest to me illustrated my essence as in this time. I shut the world around me down, isolated and hoped I could just hit the mute button and it would all stop. I was lost and disconnected. It wasn't until I surrendered to spirit and realized I ultimately held the key to my journey that I began healing. I made some truly life altering connections in the darkest of my shadow work days which is why I believe that shadow work truly holds the most light if you are willing to put one foot in front of the other and just simply begin.

So I did just that, I began my healing journey and reconnected to spirit. It started with a retreat, a reawakening of sorts. Shortly after I was lead to the foundation of Shamanic Studies where I studied Core Shamanism for 6 years eventually leading me to become a certified Shamanic practitioner. Some of the most self challenging work I had ever walked through happened through these years. The honor, respect, knowledge and love I share with my helping spirits is invaluable. Shamanism is one of the oldest and most sacred healing modalities; working through altered states of consciousness with compassionate helping spirits to restore harmony and balance within a soul. I have had much success in miraculous healings of mind, physical body and soul through this work and would love to share my gifts with you. If this resonates with you, you are in the right place. You have been led here by a divine source to begin your healing journey.

Along with Shamanic healing, I am also deeply connected to my cards and the cosmos. I share a unique relationship and reading style with my cards. As a channel for spirit I enable them a way to illustrate through the cards what messages they may have for you. I read standard spreads for quick questions, but my favorite is the Cosmic Truth reading. For this I work with several different decks at a time, allowing spirit so many avenues to portray messages in a much more colorful and broad spectrum to you. Want to know what they have in store for you? Book a reading directly on my Online Booking page.

And lastly, I also look to the stars and planets to directly associate energetic planetary influences. There are so many layers to astrology and what the cosmos hold. I have always been a creature of the night, a moon child to a tee. In fact the moon and the stars are where I get my lightworker tan from. Eternally enamored by the night sky and all the wisdom it brings to the energetic forces here on Earth, lets take a look into how the astro plane directly influences you starting with your Natal Chart.

I will close with this, Scales of the Soul is here to illuminate the balance of shadow and light, you cannot have one without the other. The offering I have for you is, to first say thank you for showing up for yourself, that is the first step. Allow me to help guide you through the levels of your spiritual awakening and help hand you the keys to healing yourself. Being a true Libra, the scales of life, justice, beauty and balance are everything I have ever known. Let the light guide you, and the shadow teach you. The heart should never weigh more than a feather after all. Shed the scales of transformation and begin the journey to heal yourself today!



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